About The PipeSwipe™

The modern, chenille-style pipe cleaner was originally patented in 1896 by Fredrick Frick to clean tobacco pipes. PipeSwipe is a new, patented pipe cleaner specifically designed to mechanically remove the warm, soft or cold, hard marijuana resin from the stem of a pipe, bong, or one-hitter - creating a clean pipe and smooth toke. Keep your pipe, bong, or one-hitter clean with PipeSwipe. PipeSwipe is manufactured and distributed in Oklahoma USA.

How It Started

The traditional fuzzy pipe cleaner was designed to remove dry ash produced by smoking tobacco. They were not designed to remove the warm, gooey, resin produced by smoking marijuana. Moreover, when the resin cools it becomes solid, making wire pipe cleaners even more ineffective. A more rigid pipe cleaner engineered for cleaning a resin that was soft and gooey or cold and hard was desperately needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PipeSwipe™

PipeSwipe™ is a patented, rigid pipe cleaner specifically-designed for mechanically cleaning the inside of marijuana one-hitters and small pipes by pushing out and removing the resin.

How does PipeSwipe™ work?

The PipeSwipe™ piper cleaner is a 3 ½ inch rigid stem with ridges attached to a small square tab for easy handling and use. See illustration.

Can the PipeSwipe™ remove both warm or cold resin?

The PipeSwipe™ is effective at removing both warm, gooey resin and the hardened, solid resin. If the resin has cooled and become hard, no problem. To overcome this, gently heat the outside of the pipe stem until it is warm. This softens the resin adherent to inside of the pipe, allowing the PipeSwipe™ to easily mobilize the resin and push it out. 

Is PipeSwipe™ reusable?

They can be reused. The PipeSwipe™ can be wiped clean with a paper towel and reused. However, some resin may remain within the special ridges on the stem.  

What are the health benefits of using PipeSwipe™?

A large percentage of marijuana smokers use a ‘one-hitter’ or small pipe to smoke weed. Using a one-hitter allows the toker to precisely control the amount they smoke, and, unlike smoking a joint, it is discrete and you don’t reek afterwards. The challenge has been how it keep it clean and unclogged. Clogged one-hitters produce a ‘harsher’ smoke that can irritate the respiratory tree. Keeping the pipe clean allows for smoother smoke, reducing the chance of coughing. The newly patented Pipeswipe™ was invented specifically for cleaning one-hitters and small pipes.

Why is the PipeSwipe™ better than a traditional pipe cleaner?

The stem of the PipeSwipe™ device is engineered with rigid material that allows it to remove resin whether it is warm and soft or cold and hard. It does not shed or leave behind fuzzy material like traditional twist pipe cleaners.

What are some of the other benefits of using PipeSwipe™?

PipeSwipe™ does not use any chemicals to clean the inside of the pipe. It is simple, clean mechanical removal without any remaining toxic residue to inhale when smoking afterwards. The PipeSwipe tab on the end allow the user to keep their fingers clean and free from the resin.

  • Hold the PipeSwipe™ pipe cleaner by the square tab with your thumb and index finger in one hand and the one-hitter in the other hand.

    For the first pass it is recommended that the stem of the PipeSwipe™ be introduced into the ‘inhaling end’ of the one-hitter.

    Put the free end of the pipe cleaner stem into the ‘inhaling end’ of the one-hitter and gently advance the stem toward the other end of the one-hitter, pushing the resin out the other end of the ‘lit end’.

    Wipe off pipe cleaner stem with paper towel and repeat from same direction or the other direct until the inside of one-hitter is clean.